Head Of Contingent Meeting

5/6/7/July 2021   Dublin, Ireland

The first Heads of Contingent meeting for the World Scout Moot 2021 will take place in Dublin, Ireland on the 5th – 7th July 2019. National Scout Associations are invited to send interested people to this meeting to discover first-hand the planning of the World Scout Moot event, all current information and enable Head of Contingents to establish contacts and develop relationships with the planning team, supporting them to organise their contingent for the Moot. The meeting will commence of Friday 5th July at 12pm and will finish on Sunday afternoon at 4pm.



Indoor accommodation will be provided for Friday and Saturday night in Larch Hill International Scout Centre, close to Dublin city.   This is a dormitory style accommodation with max 4 people per room.


What else is provided:

All meals from lunch on Friday to lunch on Sunday (inclusive) will be provided, along with transport and activities during the weekend.



The cost of the weekend will be €175 per person, which will be payable online in Euros (see booking form).  Travel costs to Dublin are not included.



During the weekend we will have a varied programme which will include a visit to the Base Camp location at Malahide Castle, Dublin and the opportunity to explore the surrounding location.  HOCs will also have the opportunity to visit Dublin city, where the Moot will start, and get an understanding of the various transport hubs and networks available for further travel.


During the Moot all participants will participate in programme activities within the city and we will explore some of these opportunities with HOC’s so they in turn can promote the Moot in their NSO’s.


There will be a plenary session where a full outline of the Moot event will be presented.. HOC will also have an opportunity to meet their Contingent Support contact and meet the planning team on all levels. We will also have some social time to enjoy the culture and history of Ireland.


Pre- and Post- moot programme options are important to many contingents and the planning team will work with contingents to identify options for their contingents. Larch Hill, the location of the meeting, is our national Scout centre and will be a key location for pre- and post- Moot programme opportunities, along with many other locations that are part of our National Campsite network.  If contingents wish to do a more elaborate pre- or post- Moot programme, this weekend is ideal for discussing the options available.


The World Scout Moot is comprised of two distinct features; the Trail-based programme and the Basecamp programme.  HOCs will be shown a sample trail with its’ various programme elements, to explain the participants’ experience throughout the trail programme.


By the end of the weekend, each HOC should have all the information they require to plan their participation at the World Scout Moot 2021. They will have met the planning team and established friendships and contacts with the Moot team as well as with other HOCs. They will have a sense of Ireland’s geography, transport system, culture and customs, etc. They will have an opportunity to plan and discover pre- and post- Moot programme options. They will also have an understanding of costs, travel and visa requirements, booking arrangements for the Moot, deadlines, etc.


There are two HOC meetings planned; this is the first meeting from 5-7th July 2019, with the second meeting planned for July 2020.  We will provide all the information we can to support each Contingent with their planning.  By attending the HOC meeting, your NSO will have all the information that is available so that a successful Moot experience can be planned and promoted.


The 2019 meeting will provide the foundations and baseline information of the overall event, with the 2020 meeting covering the finer details, which will be of great value to HOCs in planning their Contingent’s Moot experience.  Both meetings will provide the opportunity for HOCs to meet the team and ask specific questions that may not be covered in general communications or bulletins, as well as being important opportunities for us to understand the needs and requirements of various Contingents, and taking feedback and suggestions from HOCs to help shape the finer details and contribute to the overall event.


Looking forward to meeting your HOCs / representatives in July!

Dublin City

Malahide Castle - location of Moot base camp

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